Darren Reviews: Heroic Grill Brush, a serious BBQ accessory!

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I was offered this very serious looking grill brush in exchange for a very serious honest review. And impressed i am!

From the photos it looks pretty simple, and it is, but when you actually hold it you get a much better sense of how well built it is. The handle feels like a very strong plastic with a decently grippy texture. A handful of braided steel cables come out of it and the bristles fan around them. The braided cables have just a bit of flex on their own, but together they are pretty darn stiff. The bristles as well are very stiff and feel like they mean business. They form 2 channels which do a nice job of getting between the grill bars.

So let’s list it out:

-Feels very well constructed
-Big grippy handle can be held strait or sideways
-Strong wires and bristles so you can really lean into that grit
-Very long, good for those big grills
-Performs well, stripped off my grill gunk with just a few strokes

At this time i have only a cheap rickety grill, and had to use one hand to hold the grill steady while i went at it with the brush, but even with that limitation it took only a few strokes to clean up a section. A long while back i had a flat grill brush which after awhile the bristles just bent and it was barely usable. Lately i had just resorted to using crumpled up tin foil which works great but need to wear a protective glove if the grill is hot. Getting a new brush just kept eluding my wallet, so it was a no brainer to accept the offer to try this brush out.

Time will tell if the bristles hold up over time, and as always i will update here with any such info.

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