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  1. Hesper says:

    Hi there, I recently purchased a product you reviewed – monitor arms that connect to the desk, but mine has a laptop capability. I cannot seem to get the laptop screen to be flush with my monitor bc of a limit in the range of motion (i think). I’m contacting to ask if you were able to get the arm of the Dual Arm Full Motion Desk Mount (by Fleximounts) to move up and down. not near the monitor, but the joint at the base of the cable mgmt tray. I’ve asked the question on Amazon and it goes unanswered…. I’m a single mom (techie sorta) and am willing to keep it if there’s a fix, but wanna box it back up if not. thanks in advance for ANY help om this! God bless. :)

  2. Beverly says:

    I just watched the video about the amazon fire tv stick. I looks amazing but the one question is; is there a cost for the movies, games etc that are not prime amazon. I do have Netflix.

  3. Ralph Quezada says:

    Hello Mr. Levine, my name is Ralph Quezada and I was wondering if you have ever reviewed any one of the TV video recording devices that are out there, I did not see any within your reviews. I am looking to purchase a Tivo Video Recording or Apple TV but not sure which one to go with. I am most interested in recording TV shows while I’m at work. Can you suggest which TV Video Recorder is best in the bunch?
    Also, I’ll like to say THANK YOU for taking the time to post your reviews so that people like me will be better equipped to make an educated purchase. I take my hat off to you Sir!

    Thank you,

    Ralph Quezada

  4. robert says:

    in regards to your review of amazon’s 50 dollar tablet, can I ask if this tablet has a built in light for reading ? Hop you don’t mind me asking what may seem like a silly question, but just though I would ask, and good review by the way on this product. Thanks for your help Darren. Robert.

    1. dlevine says:

      Hi Robert. The fire 7 tablet has a screen like any computer, it does not need a reading light because it is already self illuminating.

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