Darren Reviews: Sweet $15 ultralight hammock by Leward!

View it at http://amzn.to/1GTVciS

I have too many hammocks, but no parachute style ones like this! Here’s my broken down thoughts:

-Good quality feeling material, soft!
-Triple stitching on the seams
-Ropes feels solid, but will fray easily and are short
-Carabiners can snag on the ropes, and are basic but effective
-Case is attached and easy to pack/unpack
-Weighs little enough to bring just about anywhere

So for the hammock itself, i like it, no qualms. The rope however is where i would wish for more length and quality, but let’s keep in mind the very low price of this thing. I’m happy enough to swap in my paracord and be all set. You could also invest in one of the neat hammock straps found on amazon, just be careful as i’ve seen reviews of breaks happening.

The photos show me picking a lovely spot, then finding that the ropes wont reach, so i found a slightly less perfect spot, and then let the wife and dog have a go at it.

I was offered this product in exchange for an honest review, and honesty is all i dish out!

View it at http://amzn.to/1GTVciS

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