Darren Reviews: AmazonBasics Dog Poo bags

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Come oh ye all for an exciting review centered around poo. Our 13lb Chuck the Chug blesses us with at least two mozzarella stick sized helpings of doggy sausage links per day. We’ve been through our share of poo bags, and when i saw amazonbasics launched their own, i of course went giddy with joy for the opportunity to see how touching doggy sausage links would feel through yet another thin bit of plastic.

So without further ado. The thoughts!:

-Feels a bit thicker than our prior brand: Poop Bag Shop Dog Waste Bags, 700-Count with Poop Bag Dispenser, Black
-A bit taller as well, about 13″
-Pretty standard width
-No handles… handles would be nice
-A printed arrow so you spend less time guessing which side opens and spend more time picking up doggy sausage links
-Black, and not very see through, so you don’t have to stare into the eyes of your fresh doggy sausage links
-900 for $15… The best bargain for your poo management I’ve seen yet.
-Comes with the standard holder/dispenser.

What else can one say about oh so glamorous a product? It works, and i hope it continues to work. If the day comes that it fails to work, you can bet i’ll be here with an update containing photo evidence

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